• Sound of the Jungle

    Sound of the Jungle

    What kinds of animals inhabit the mysterious jungles of the world? Kids will find out in this book, which is filled with colorful 3D pictures. As they turn every page, they’ll hear the sounds of animals that inhabit...

  • Hello from the wild

    Hello from the wild

    • Entertaining book for the little ones

    • Colourful and stylish illustrations

    • Realistic sounds of animals

    • Spectacular and detailed pop-ups

  • Animals


    • 45 talking pictures • Amusing and sweet illustrations • Touch the pictures – and they will talk!

  • Little Doctor

    Little Doctor

    • Bestseller!

    • Removable toy thermometer

    • Detailed, factful illustrations

    • Over 50 educational questions

    • Lights and sounds indicate if the answer is right

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  • Fairy tales

    Fairy tales

    • A book of 7 best-loved stories

    • Handy toy pad module

    • Thin and light

    • Captivating illustrations

    • 5 modes on each spread: amusing sounds, audiobook, theatre, game, melody

  • What happens in the city?

    What happens in the city?

    • 25 phrases and sounds

    • Amusing illustrations

    • Compact and light format

    • Essential topics to learn

    • Touch the pictures with the pen and listen!

  • Talking Animals

    Talking Animals

    • 16 animal or vehicle sounds • Dozens of possible matches • 8 double-sided puzzle pieces • A cheerful sound upon each correct match • Learn to think logically!

  • First knowledge

    First knowledge

    • Simple technology of learning

    • Over 100 logic games,10 per spread

    • Plastic toy horse attached to the back cover

    • Cute illustrations

    • Pick a pair, and the horsey will tell if...

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