• Who Lives in Africa?

    Who Lives in Africa?

    Children ask a lot of questions as they begin to explore the world around them. Little ones will find answers to their questions and will learn lots about environment and history in this speaking book.Children will...

  • Cuckoo Clock

    Cuckoo Clock

    Voices of animals and other sounds recorded on the module with 10 buttons will make reading of the favourite fairy tales about animals fascinating and interesting!

  • Sound of the Jungle

    Sound of the Jungle

    What kinds of animals inhabit the mysterious jungles of the world? Kids will find out in this book, which is filled with colorful 3D pictures. As they turn every page, they’ll hear the sounds of animals that inhabit...

  • Such Clever Domestic Animals

    Such Clever Domestic Animals

    This interactive and educational book will help a child to find out more about domestic animals: tell where they live, what they eat, and what they are good at. It will also attract young readers with bright, vivid...

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  • Babyphone: City

    Babyphone: City

    • Call animals and learn professions! • 30 talking pictures – 6 per spread • 5 catchy tunes • Amusing colourful illustrations • Handy format

  • Babypad: Animals

    Babypad: Animals

    • A child’s first reference book • 10 sounds on each page – 70 in total • 7 interactive spreads • Unusual format • Colourful pictures of animals, numbers, colours, shapes, and musical instruments

  • Animals


    • 8 talking pictures on each spread

    • Amusing and bright illustrations

    • Interesting facts to learn

    • 18 fun games, 3 per spread

    • Over 100 curious facts in each title


  • Find the Match: Animals

    Find the Match: Animals

    • A book and a matching game • 2 main options – ‘listen’ and ‘play’ • 12 noisy pictures on each spread – 60 in total • 30 logical pairs to match • Hidden sound module

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