• Call the Monley

    Call the Monley

    • Bestseller! Over 60 000 books in print!

    • 9 talking pictures, 9 verses, 3 fun songs

    • Adorable illustrations

    • 4 game modes – ‘call’, ‘send a message’, ‘sing along’...

  • Modeling Clay Forest

    Modeling Clay Forest

    What will your child choose: making clay models or reading a book? Maybe both! With these books it's very easy. Open the book and see who's there in a colorful modeling clay strip. Simple instruction guide your child...

  • Such Clever Domestic Animals

    Such Clever Domestic Animals

    This interactive and educational book will help a child to find out more about domestic animals: tell where they live, what they eat, and what they are good at. It will also attract young readers with bright, vivid...

  • Whose Houses, Whose Kids?

    Whose Houses, Whose Kids?

    This book is full of voices of birds and animals, merry poems and bright pictures. It will help a kid to find out more about domestic and wild animals, tell where they live, what do they eat, and what do they do good.

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  • Tasty shapes

    Tasty shapes

    • Unusual attractive format • Cute and friendly illustrations • Die-cut hole to insert the cards • 10 or 15 cards to ‘feed’ the baby animal • Learn colours, shapes and numbers

  • First knowledge

    First knowledge

    • Simple technology of learning

    • Over 100 logic games,10 per spread

    • Plastic toy horse attached to the back cover

    • Cute illustrations

    • Pick a pair, and the horsey will tell if...

  • Fun Flaps: Farm and Forest

    Fun Flaps: Farm and Forest

    If your little one likes riddles, then this book is just what you need! With 20 amusing riddles, interesting hints, cheerful animal voices and answers, hidden under the flaps, it is sure to entertain. Guess the...

  • Amazing Animals

    Amazing Animals

    • 24-33 аnimated pictures

    • Educational texts with fun facts to discover

    • Unusual shape of the module

    • Realistic and colourful illustrations

    • Mini scanner – light up a...

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