• Hello from the wild

    Hello from the wild

    • Entertaining book for the little ones

    • Colourful and stylish illustrations

    • Realistic sounds of animals

    • Spectacular and detailed pop-ups

  • The Little Mouse's Song

    The Little Mouse's Song

    Voices of animals and other sounds recorded on the module with 10 buttons will make reading of the favourite fairy tales about animals fascinating and interesting!

  • World of Animals and Plants

    World of Animals and Plants

    There are voices of animals and calls of birds, sound of waterfall and noise of propeller, ringing bells and music of horn… World around is so wonderful and many-voiced! Press the buttons and listen to music...

  • Little Policeman

    Little Policeman

    • Fun way to learn the rules of the road

    • More than 50 educational questions

    • Removable toy traffic light

    • Colourful illustrations

    • Lights and sounds indicate if the answer is...

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  • Noisy Animals

    Noisy Animals

    • Sound puzzles – put them together and listen! • 4 removable puzzle pieces on each spread • 12 sounds • 3 amusing tunes • Cute illustrations

  • Speaking watch

    Speaking watch

    • Learn the daily routine while playing!

    • Removable toy watch sound module

    • 12 sounds on the module

    • Stylish illustrations

    • Useful topics to learn

  • My Amazing Body

    My Amazing Body

    • 24-33 аnimated pictures

    • Educational texts with fun facts to discover

    • Unusual shape of the module

    • Realistic and colourful illustrations

    • Mini scanner – light up a...

  • We are the champions

    We are the champions

    • Play with the camera! Meet the animals!

    • 11 sounds and a cheerful melody

    • Picture quizzes on every page

    • Cute illustrations and captivating story

    • Removable sound module in a shape...

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