• Beauty Show

    Beauty Show

    Voices of animals and other sounds recorded on the module with 10 buttons will make reading of the favourite fairy tales about animals fascinating and interesting!

  • Living book of the Savanna

    Living book of the Savanna

    With this amazing book your child will be plunged into a wonderful and dangerous world of underwater and forest animals, jungle and savanna inhabitants, and dinosaurs. 3-D panoramic pictures and live sounds will help...

  • Sound of the Savanna and Desert

    Sound of the Savanna and Desert

    Kids will be delighted to encounter in the savanna and desert inhabitants they in these colorful pop-up pages! They’ll learn more about animal life in Africa, South and North America, and Australia, and they’ll...

  • Sound of the Jungle

    Sound of the Jungle

    What kinds of animals inhabit the mysterious jungles of the world? Kids will find out in this book, which is filled with colorful 3D pictures. As they turn every page, they’ll hear the sounds of animals that inhabit...

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  • Clever Games

    Clever Games

    With this AzPad kids can play and learn with pleasure. Children can solve logic puzzles, find lots of interesting facts about their world, and learn numbers, shapes and colors. Just open the book!

  • My Amazing Body

    My Amazing Body

    • 24-33 аnimated pictures

    • Educational texts with fun facts to discover

    • Unusual shape of the module

    • Realistic and colourful illustrations

    • Mini scanner – light up a...

  • We are the champions

    We are the champions

    • Play with the camera! Meet the animals!

    • 11 sounds and a cheerful melody

    • Picture quizzes on every page

    • Cute illustrations and captivating story

    • Removable sound module in a shape...

  • Talking Animals

    Talking Animals

    • 16 animal or vehicle sounds • Dozens of possible matches • 8 double-sided puzzle pieces • A cheerful sound upon each correct match • Learn to think logically!

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