• On a Visit to the Sun

    On a Visit to the Sun

    Voices of animals and other sounds recorded on the module with 10 buttons will make reading of the favourite fairy tales about animals fascinating and interesting!

  • Cinderella


    Children will love these famous fairy tales by Charles Perrault and Wilhelm Hauff wich are now accompanied by wonderful sounds and bright illustrations!

  • Modeling Clay Farm

    Modeling Clay Farm

    What will your child choose: making clay models or reading a book? Maybe both! With these books it's very easy. Open the book and see who's there in a colorful modeling clay strip. Simple instruction guide your...

  • Sound in the Forest

    Sound in the Forest

    Kids will be delighted to encounter in the savanna and desert inhabitants they in these colorful pop-up pages! They’ll learn more about animal life in Africa, South and North America, and Australia, and they’ll...

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  • Fun Flaps: Farm and Forest

    Fun Flaps: Farm and Forest

    If your little one likes riddles, then this book is just what you need! With 20 amusing riddles, interesting hints, cheerful animal voices and answers, hidden under the flaps, it is sure to entertain. Guess the...

  • Fairy tales

    Fairy tales

    • A book of 7 best-loved stories

    • Handy toy pad module

    • Thin and light

    • Captivating illustrations

    • 5 modes on each spread: amusing sounds, audiobook, theatre, game, melody

  • Talking Vehicles

    Talking Vehicles

    • 16 animal or vehicle sounds • Dozens of possible matches • 8 double-sided puzzle pieces • A cheerful sound upon each correct match • Learn to think logically!

  • Babyphone: Farm

    Babyphone: Farm

    • Call animals and learn professions! • 30 talking pictures – 6 per spread • 5 catchy tunes • Amusing colourful illustrations • Handy format

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