• Sound on the Farm

    Sound on the Farm

    Here kids will meet the inhabitants of this merry farm in colorful 3D pictures. They’ll discover what animals are up to in the green meadow, the noisy aviary, the cozy barn, and the farmyard. And as they turn each...

  • Cuckoo Clock

    Cuckoo Clock

    Voices of animals and other sounds recorded on the module with 10 buttons will make reading of the favourite fairy tales about animals fascinating and interesting!

  • Whose Houses, Whose Kids?

    Whose Houses, Whose Kids?

    This book is full of voices of birds and animals, merry poems and bright pictures. It will help a kid to find out more about domestic and wild animals, tell where they live, what do they eat, and what do they do good.

  • World of Animals and Plants

    World of Animals and Plants

    There are voices of animals and calls of birds, sound of waterfall and noise of propeller, ringing bells and music of horn… World around is so wonderful and many-voiced! Press the buttons and listen to music...

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  • My first bible stories

    My first bible stories

    • 3 fantastic pop-ups in each title

    • Compact module with 10 ambient sounds

    • 12 brightly illustrated pages

    • Several stories in one book

    • Large format

    • Well-known plots with...

  • Babypad: Animals

    Babypad: Animals

    • A child’s first reference book • 10 sounds on each page – 70 in total • 7 interactive spreads • Unusual format • Colourful pictures of animals, numbers, colours, shapes, and musical instruments

  • Smart Pairs
  • Rock-a-Bye


    • 6 cute talking baby animals • 3 double-sided puzzle pieces • 3 charming lullabies and twinkling stars • Cute illustrations by Elen Lescoat • Put the animals to bed and hear a lullaby!

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